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No matter the size, style, or climate, when you choose to build with Logix ICFs, you get a stronger, more resilient, and more energy-efficient home than the typical wood-framed home design can provide! Building with Logix ICFs significantly reduces your consumption of natural resources while surrounding your family with unsurpassed comfort and safety.

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Installers have been consistently choosing Logix Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) to grow their business, increase profits and set themselves apart from local competition. In addition, Logix ICF helps build durable, comfortable homes that homeowners love!
ICF is rapidly gaining share in the custom residential market and a wide range of non-residential markets such as mid-rise multi-family, schools, assisted living, military and agricultural.
Building with Logix ICF means working with one of the most innovative companies in the industry; one that provides continually updated resources and world-class support. When you’re ready to excel, register your business with ICF Pro-Link By Logix and get the inside track to quality local leads and bid opportunities. Lloyd Lumber stocks 6” & 8” Logix forms.

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