cart troll

Troll Material and Drywall Cart

$12/4 hours, $20/day

panel lift

11′ or 15′ Panel Lift

Panel lifts make drywall installation a snap. Sheet loader available

11′ $20/4 HOURS, $30/DAY
15′ $22/4 HOURS, $33/DAY


RotoZip Router

Perfect for cutting openings for outlet boxes in drywall.

drywall screw gun

Milwaukee Drywall Screw Gun



Drywall Mud Mixer

Free rental when also renting 1/2″ heavy duty drill

drywall hawk

13″x13″ Drywall Hawk


drywall trowel

Drywall Trowel


knock down knife

Bon Tool Knock Down Knife



Goldblatt Drywall Banjo

Dry-roll banjo, holds tape and mud for quick drywall taping.

taping knife

18″ Bon Tool Drywall Taping Knife


drywall sander

FESTOOL LHS-E 225 EQ Drywall Sander

Take the hard work out of sanding drywall compound with the FESTOOL LHS-E 225 EQ drywall sander! Direct-drive sanding head will power through popcorn finishes.
Sandpaper available in 24-, 80-, 100-, 120-, and 150-grit.
Sander-powered vacuum available for additional rental.
$65/day, $105/day with vacuum

texture sprayer

Drywall Texture Sprayer

Graco sprayer features a 12-gallon tank and 50′ hose. Allows you to keep the pump and tank in a separate room.
Bon Tool and Goldblatt sprayers feature a gun-mounted hopper.
Graco – $96/day
Bon Tool/Goldblatt – $38/day

paint sprayer

Airlessco Latex Paint Sprayer

Works with 5-gallon paint pails.


wall paper steamer

Warner Wallpaper Steamer

Steam loosens glue behind wallpaper, easing the removal.
Also available are a perforator and stripper.