Meet Our Experienced Staff

Lloyd Lumber has been serving the North Mankato and surrounding area for over 75 years. You can place your trust in our experienced team to find the perfect material for your building project needs.

Aaron Anderson Yard Associate scaled e1666288163781
Aaron Anderson

Yard Associate

Aaron Ruedy Rental Manager Email e1666288139478
Aaron Ruedy

Rental Manager

Allyson Kane Drafting Design Email scaled e1666287713658
Allyson Kane


Chris Jensen Rental Associate Email scaled e1666288206840
Chris Jensen

Rental Associate

Cory Sletten Cotractor Sales Email scaled e1666288237563
Cory Sletten

Contractor Sales

Don Chatleain Rental Associate scaled e1666288268264
Don Chatleain

Rental Associate

Doug Homan Contractor Sales Email scaled e1666288291914
Doug Homan

Contractor Sales

Gregg Stone Contractor Sales Email scaled e1666288338808
Gregg Stone

Contractor Sales

Heath Hinsch Contractor Sales Drafting Dept. Email scaled e1666287596116
Heath Hinsch

Draft Manager/ Contractor Sales

Issac Rick Yard Associate scaled e1666288521904
Issac Rick

Yard Associate

Jessica Iten Sales Email scaled e1666288493890
Jessica Iten


Jim Northenscold Contractor Sales Email e1666289324466
Jim Northenscold

Contractor Sales

Jon Flitter Assistant Yard Manager scaled e1666288916138
Jon Flitter

Assistant Yard Manager

Josh Schueneman Outside Yard Manager Email scaled e1666288895364
Josh Schueneman

Outside Yard Manager

Kellie Seiler Sales scaled e1666288873954
Kellie Seiler


Kevin Sandborg Rental Associate Email scaled e1666288665415
Kevin Sandborg

Rental Associate

Kory Ness Vise President Email scaled e1666288854976
Kory Ness

Vice President

Kristen Gustavson Drafting Design Email scaled e1666287388819
Kristen Gustavson


Kyle Beaudoin Yard Associate scaled e1666288825766
Kyle Beaudoin

Yard Associate

Lisa Vihstadt Bookkeeping Email 1 e1666288426439
Lisa Vihstadt


Logan Sandborg Rental Associate scaled e1666288692643
Logan Sandborg

Rental Associate

Mark Kelley Receiving Sales Email scaled e1666288731300
Mark Kelley

Receiving Sales

Mark Seiler Store Associate e1666288717326
Mark Seiler


Mike Bertrand Owner President Email scaled e1666288801265
Mike Bertrand


Ryan Schumacker Contractor Sales Email scaled e1666288632973
Ryan Schumacher

Contractor Sales

Tim Denn Boom Truck Operator scaled e1666287937135
Tim Denn

Boom Truck Operator/Yard Associate