SilverLine Floor Edge Sander

7″ floor edger, gets in close to walls where larger sanders often miss


SilverLine Floor Drum Sander

When you sand forward and backward with the SL-8, you can be assured of straight sanding because it runs on the drum and wheels.
The weight of the machine is specifically designed and evenly distributed for the best results.
8″ sanding drum

american obs 18 dc

American Sander OBS-18DC

12×18″ sanding pad, perfect for sanding decks, subfloors, or hardwood flooring.


Cherryhill U Sand Floor Sander

Using four-pad, random orbit technology, the U-Sand sander makes floor sanding easy and worry-free by eliminating the possibility of damaging the floor.
Acting as a sander, edger, and buffer, this machine can complete a floor sanding job from start to finish.
Rip and strip finishes on existing floors with ease. Cuts through urethane efficiently and leaves the wood clean and ready for a new finish.
Sands in any direction without damaging the grain pattern, and is the best machine for antique floors as it removes far less material than drums so your floors last longer.
Far easier to use than traditional drum sanders.
Change hook and loop grit disks in seconds.

BR 1600

Tennant Burnisher



SilverLine 17″ Disk Polisher


fs 2000

Castex Floor Scrubber


floor scraper

7″ Steel Floor Scraper


tile shark

Edco Tile Shark Scraper

For removing Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) or linoleum.
Must purchase blade at $15.39
$50/4 HOURS, $75/DAY

makinex tile smasher

Makinex Ceramic Tile Smasher

Demolition hammer with specialized blade and cart for removal of ceramic tile

crain stapler

Crain Carpet Stapler

Uses standard Crain No. 619D, DuoFast No. 5418 or No. 5415, or generic electric tack staples.
Jam-resistant magazine holds 100 staples

carpet trimmer

Carpet Trimmer

This tool trims excess carpet at the wall leaving just the right amount for tucking between the base board and the tackless strip.
The deluxe trimmer has top-loading blade carriers that make blade changes faster and easier.
The wide open throat area allows carpet to enter and flow smoothly to the blades. This reduces wadding of carpet and resistance to cutting.

seam roller

Carpet Seam Roller

This roller has a solid axle with ten steel star rollers. The star wheels press the carpet’s backing into the hot melt adhesive.

carpet shear

Carpet Shears

12″ carpet shear

carpet iron

Carpet Heat Bond Iron

Heat-bond iron is used along carpet joints to heat adhesive.

knee kicker

Carpet Knee Kicker

Used to strech carpet during installation.

carpet stretcher

Carpet Stretcher Jr.

The No. 499 fixed head stretcher comes with a push-button locking power handle, Auto-Lok tube, 3 extension tube sections, 1 transfer tube section, folding tail block, and separate head and tube cases.
The Auto-Lok tube provides fast length adjustments in flexible increments. The tubes adjust from 37 inches to 23 feet, and can be lengthened with additional extension tubes (No. 502).
The folding tail block allows you to stretch off walls, corners, or posts. The pin depth adjusting knob on the driving head provides variable pin depth settings, without the screws or screwdrivers found on other stretchers.
Model No. 499 comes with separate head and tube cases that distribute the weight and provide room for additional components. The head case has built-in wheels, and the tube case hooks on for transport.

carpet puller

Carpet Puller

The pulling claw features a compound leverage jaw and large contoured handle for pulling up glued-down flooring materials.
The spring-loaded jaw opens automatically to insert an edge of the material. Once the material is inserted, simply pull and the roller-activated upper jaw clamps down hard on the material. The harder you pull, the harder it clamps.
The large contoured handle withstands heavy hand pulling.

stair tool

Crain Carpet Stair Tool

Stair tools are used with a mallet to tuck carpet into the corner of stair treads, as well as to tuck carpet at the wall between the base board and the tackless strip.

bullet shear

Bullet Tools EZ Shear SST

The Bullet Tools EZ Shear SST is a 13″ flooring, siding, and shingle shear. Lightweight and no electricity, you can cut where you work. No trips back and forth to the saw.
Able to cut LVT/LVP/VCT/WPC/SPC/MLF, PVC and rubber tile, cove base, rigid core, engineered hardwood up to 3/8″ thick, fiber cement board/vinyl/wood siding, PVC/vinyl/fiber cement/OSB trim, pressboard lap, and tar and wood shingles

lino roller

Linoleum Roller

100- or 75-lbs. linoleum roller

tile nipper

Tile Nippers

Tile nippers are used to make circular cuts in ceramic tile.

quarry tile cutter

12″ Quarry Tile Cutter

Various widths available

vct cutter

Vinyl Composite Tile Cutter

Various widths available

ts 40 tile cutter

TS-40 Tile Cutter

The Felker Rubi TS-40 Tile Cutter is a staple for tile professionals. Capable of cutting up to 17″ ceramic tiles. Features a built-in tile separator.

10 inch tile saw

10″ Tile Saw

Tile saws feature a powerful 1.5 hp electric motor, making them capable of rip cutting up to 24″, or diagonal cutting up to 18″ tiles.
Saw-powered water pump keeps tile dust to a minimum.

7 inch tile saw

QEP 7″ Tile Saw

Easily make precise cuts with the QEP 700XT 7 in. Wet Tile Saw. The powerful, 3/4 horsepower, 550 Watt motor cuts tiles up to 1-1/4 in. thick. The included 7 in. continuous rim diamond blade, table extension, rip guide and angle guide make this wet tile saw perfect for any cutting job.

Nailers and Staplers

Bostitch 3/4 Flooring Stapler
5/16 Laminate Flooring Stapler
Porta Air Flooring Nailer
Bostitch 3/8 Laminate Flooring Stapler
Porta Nail Hardwood Flooring Nailer
Paslode Underlayment Stapler
Quick Drive Automatic Feed Screw Gun

flooring jack

Porta Nail Flooring Jack

For tightening hardwood flooring boards where you are unable to get a nailer.

flooring strap clamp

Flooring Strap Clamp

For assisting on installation of various floor coverings.