husqvarna handheld blower

Husqvarna 525BX Handheld Blower

Air flow is 493 cfm at 157-193 mph

$20/4 hours, $30/day

husqvarna backpack blower

Husqvarna BTS580 Mark II Professional Backpack Blower

Do you need maximum power from your backpack blower? Look no further than the Husqvarna 580BTS, a powerful commercial backpack blower designed for the most demanding tasks possible. Heavy air flow and high air speed are delivered by an efficient fan working in harmony with the X-Torq® engine. The pro-grade air filter ensures a long operating time and trouble-free use season after season. Plus, you’ll always feel comfortable with the wide shoulder straps on the harness.
$24/4 hours, $48/day

little wonder blower

Little Wonder Walk-Behind Blower

Produces 2000+ cfm
$30/2 hours, $60/day


Billy Goat Lawn Vacuum

Self-propelled lawn/leaf and surface vacuum.
Hose kit allows user to vacuum debris in hard to reach areas, including along fence lines.
40-gallon bag holds up to 50 lbs of debris
$40/2 HOURS, $80/DAY


Turfmaster Sweep-All Pull-Behind Sweeper

48″ sweeping width, with 42 cubic foot hopper.
Remote controlled brush height, throttle, and dump control.
$120/4 HOURS, $160/DAY

husqvarna broom

Husqvarna Power Broom

Soft rubber paddle head.
Ideal for cleaning gravel, mulch, or other debris from grass or artificial turf surfaces.
Rental includes pre-mixed fuel.
$36.30/3 hours, $96.80/day